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About Us


Pretty Women is a ladies salon business that offers a wide range of self-care services including hair care, nail care, facials, skin care, and full body massages. Our qualified staff is professionally trained to take care with the highest quality you can see anywhere. Our beauty experts have the required experience by working with well-known Egyptian actresses in the entertainment and fashion industry.


Pretty Women excels in providing a vast range of beauty related services. Our friendly and relaxed environment allows clients to settle here comfortably keeping all their worries aside. Think of any self-care service and you have it! Let it be hair care, nail care, bridal makeups, facials, or even body massages, the hands of our staff ensures the treatment goes as delicate as possible.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide the best beauty care in town by enhancing the elegance and overall appearance of our clients like never before.

Why Choose Us?

Being beautiful and looking beautiful at the same time is something every women deserves. Every women is pretty by nature, the point is then why not enhance your beauty even further. This is where Pretty Women presents itself!

The basic most reason why we ask ladies to regularly hit salon is because your care comes first. But apart from a general self-care or beauty thing, let’s be more specific what you need. Do you need healthier or colored hair? Need to get rid of aging wrinkles and stay young? Have killer nails all shiny and gleaming? Desperately need a relaxing body massage? And the list of specific treatments goes on!

Pretty Women salon gives you a reason to proudly check out yourself regularly in the mirror. As it is said, when your appearance shines, great things tends to happen! People will begin to pay special attention to you, respect and admire you more. A day spent with us will boost your confidence and make you irresistible to show off your beauty.

Get your hair treated the way you want! Does not matter if you want healthier hair, colored hair, trimming, extension or any other hair treatment, our hair stylists exactly know how to handle your hair perfectly. Let our facial experts treat your face to get you all young and shining. As for makeup, many women tend to apply makeup themselves without realizing the need to spend some money on salon. Well we must say, spending is worth it if you can get the perfect makeup that suites your character and personality.

In addition to all above, if ever you feel the need to release stress and tiredness, Pretty Women also employs professional masseurs that performs various types of mind and body relaxing massages.