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Pretty Women is a ladies salon that is specialized in providing a plethora of hair, skin and body treatment services. Our trained professionals are qualified enough to work with some of the biggest names in the fashion and entertainment industry. Our hair stylists have given their elite services to a number of most popular Egyptian actresses.

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Our Services

We pride in ourselves to provide the most elegant services in our warm and friendly environment. This is a place where our clients come and relax, unwind and pamper themselves with extensive hair care, nail care, bridal makeups, facials, body massages and many other related services. Pretty Women is a one-stop shop where ladies step in, groom and leave as they deserve!

Why Choose Us

Maybe we can’t be as beautiful as that, but remember two things: every women is already beautiful, and every women can be even more beautiful. And this is where Pretty women ladies salon steps in! Our clients need to realize the fact as to why you need a regular visit to a ladies salon. The first thing that comes to mind is beauty! Obviously that’s what we are here for. But apart from the general aspect, let’s be specific as to what kind of beauty or which area of your body requires an expert treatment.

Our treatment and dealings exaggerates the fact that each women deserves to be respected, appreciated and admired. When your appearance improves and shines, amazing things tend to happen! People will begin to pay more attention to you, listen to you and respect and adore your presence. A day with Pretty Women will make you feel more confident and shine your look better than ever. Your confidence will carry all the way up in work and every other aspect of your social and personal life. In addition, we ask you to shed all your insecurities away, be daring, courageous, and create your own style.

For hair, women tends to go to salons around every week, and of course why shouldn’t they? Our hair stylists take care of your hair in the most delicate of fashion leaving them as alive as ever. A women needs to regularly clean and craft her nails in order to make her hands look beautiful. Our nail treatment experts clearly knows how to get your nail going leaving you irresistible to show them off!

One of the most important pillar of a women’s beauty, is her makeup. Many women tend to apply makeup themselves rather than going to a beauty salon on a daily basis. But our beauty experts in Pretty Women are trained individuals that have exact ideas as how to make you look. Our creativity is class apart let it be you needing a touch of sheer Arabian elegance or desiring more of a western essence.

Our Packages

Image Makeup Services
  • Bride makeup EGP 650
  • Full Makeup EGP 350
  • Eye Makeup EGP 250
Image Bridal Makeup
  • Bridal 1 EGP 2000
  • Bridal 2 EGP 3000
  • Bridal 3 EGP 4000

Client Testimonials

Yasmine Alaa

All I have to say is that Pretty Women is an amazing place for women. I recently have availed some body care services as I wanted to get ready for an occasion instantly. The staff and specialists did the best they know and travelled an extra mile to satisfy my needs leaving me all beautiful and smiling!

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